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Barnaby has written a biography of The Prophet Muhammad which was followed by the story of first four Caliphs of Islam, The Heirs of the Prophet. Before this he had written half a dozen guidebooks (to Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus, Scotland and Istanbul) and a History of North Africa (now in its third edition with Duckworths).

His most recent history is The Last Crusaders. This is the story of the conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Last Crusader Kings of Christendom such as the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, his bastard son Don Juan and his young cousin, Dom Sebastian, the boy-king of Portugal. This 150 year-long adventure story begins and ends in the Atlantic Crusade waged by Portugal against Muslim Morocco, from the sack of the port of Ceuta in 1415 to the epic Battle of the Three Kings in 1578. The Last Crusaders has a wide canvas, taking the reader out from the cockpit of the Mediterranean to the shores of India, China and the Caribbean. It also has a fine focus, following the individual careers of various merchants, exiles and adventurers, be they an Austrian soldier of fortune, a Jewish Duke of Naxos or a Portugese master-spy.

2010 saw the publication of Don McCullin's book, Southern Frontiers, a photographic tour across the Roman ruins of the Levant and the Maghreb to which Barnaby has contributed the text. In November 2013, Barnaby Rogerson's Book of Numbers was published by Profile Books. William Dalrymple wrote: 'Dangerously addictive, wonderfully witty and crazily wide-ranging and erudite.' Barnaby is currently writing a book on nine heroic figures from the Maghreb for an American Publisher, Overlook.

Over the last fifteen years he has also written dozens of travel articles, book reviews and historical essays on various North African and Islamic themes. This work has appeared in the pages of Vanity Fair, Cornucopia, Condé Nast Traveller, Geographical, Traveller, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, House & Garden, Harpers & Queen and the TLS.

His day job is running Eland Publishing with his partner Rose Baring, which specializes in keeping the classics of travel literature in print. The hundred or so titles of this growing list can be viewed at www.travelbooks.co.uk.

Barnaby has set up barnabyrogerson.com as a store house of travel stories and historical anecdotes brought back from Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Turkey, Syria, Mali, Niger and Ethiopia. Click here for more detailed biography.

He is about to finish a book on Ancient Heroes of Roman North Africa, to be published by Haus/Armchair Traveller and has already started on a study of the Shia-Sunni conflict, to be published by Profile.

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The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad: And the Roots of the Sunni-Shia Schism

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